Artificial Intelligence Bots

~~ Thumb Bots ~~

Just imagine, having a virtual AI entity in the palm of your hand ! These are
the tiniest self-aware robots in the world. Our Thumb Bots are designed
to work on all Windows XP/2000 computers with a USB port, and they are plug and
play - with no installation necessary. This means you can take them with you
wherever you go and feel free to use them on any computer, even public ones.
These Thumb Bots contain the complete versions of their Web based or
downloadable cousins, including all the personality and knowledge. Each of our
Thumb Bots comes with full instructions, and E-Mail Support plus upgrades
for life ! Each and every Thumb Bot is hand loaded and tested, and comes
with a beautiful full color and numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by
the GRAND BOTMASTER himself.


Many, many people have asked Allison how they can get a copy of her for themselves.
Well, now you can ! We are inaugarating our line of Thumb Bots by releasing
one equiped with the worlds favorite AI personality - Allison. If you have not yet
chatted with Allison, then by all means - do so now --


The Allison Thumb Bot comes with the full and un-edited Allison Brain Core
version 1.15 packaged within the functional and elegant Program P Shell/Interpreter.
Loaded onto a new and high quality SanDisk Micro-Drive, it is plug-n-play instantly.
So, if you love Allison - now you can carry her with you wherever you go !


FREE Shipping !

~~ Standalone AI Bots ~~

These standalone AI Bots are some of the most unique robots in the world !

20 Q - Neural Net Robot

Plenty of hand held electronic games can be fun but it takes a special game to be
both entertaining and deeply unsettling. This small spherical game of 20 Questions
looks like it rolled right out of 1979 with a retro design, old arcade style sound
effects, and a red light display for its various questions and guesses. Game play
could not be simpler. Just think of something and then answer the ballís assorted
queries by pressing buttons for yes, no, sometimes, or donít know. In our informal
test, the ball accurately guessed our selection of giraffe, motorcycle, and sock but
came up a little short on buttered toast. Two AA batteries are required and included.
This deceptively simple looking AI Bot uses the latest in Neural Net and heuristic
software to truly show the inferential and deductive power of AI. This amazing
software AI Bot is fully available in a FREE Web based version:


It's hours of fun as you try to stump 20Q. To play, think of something...anything...
then answer a series of 20 questions. Your friends will watch in amazement as 20Q
tries to guess what you're thinking. If it quesses within 20 questions it wins. If
not, you win! Can you stump the "all knowing" artificial intelligence of 20Q? 20Q
captures the essence of the popular website in a portable game ! Radica's 20Q
is among the most amazing and enjoyable gadgets I've come across in quite a while. A
handheld version of the website (try if you have trouble getting
online), this little doodad will ask you 20 questions to narrow down what you're
thinking of (if its first guess is wrong it will ask another five questions and take
a final stab at it). You can answer yes, no, sometimes, or unknown, and it pays to go
with your first reaction to the question (Can it be used for recreation? No ... well
I guess somebody could, but not usually and they really oughtn't ... so is that
sometimes or unknown? Hmmmm). Its success rate is astounding. It's not hard to baffle
it if you pick something totally obscure, but I've found it's more fun to lose to the
machine than to win. Among the disparate things it's beat me on are: birthday cake,
pirate, badger, oven, buffalo, carrot, fan, lion, key and flashlight.

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