AI Bot Hosting

~~ Web Based AI Bots - LIFETIME Hosting ~~

Do you own a Web based AI Bot ? Are you tired of paying recurring monthly fees ?
Well, we have a solution. I will provide you with a 30 MB Web Site, with a CGI Bin
and many other great features - for a onetime fee. You get ftp access, 100 MB of
bandwidth per month - and no recurring bill. Just pay a low, onetime fee and that's
it ! There are no adverts, no pop-ups, no catches - just an awesome deal.

This offer is open to AI Bots only. Porn or Hate Bots will be excluded. I reserve
the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. I likewise reserve the right
to cancel service at anytime and for any reason, with no refund. Service takes between
24 and 48 hours to be setup. Limited E-Mail support is available.


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