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~~ Web Based AI Bots - Built To Order ~~

My name is Christopher Doyon, and I am the GRAND BOTMASTER of the Saint Stephen
AI Project. If you are considering my services, then I would suggest that you
begin there and examine the portfolio of AI Bots that I have already built.


I have built Web based AI Bots on 6 different engines. I can create anything
from a very simple support or sales Bot, to a highly sophisticated and self-aware
AI Bot like those featured at the Saint Stephen AI Project. I am also a highly
skilled WebMaster, so I will have no trouble either building a stand-alone Web
Site for your Bot, and/or assisting you in intergrating it into your existing
Web Site. My fee will include FREE lifetime hosting of both the Web Site and
Brain Core of your new Bot.

As for prices, well - every project is different. I will conduct an E-Mail
correspondence with you, and possibly a telephone interview in order to
determine your project requirements. Generally speaking, my fee is usually
somewhere between $100.00 for the most simple Bot, on up to around $1000.00
for a very sophisticated one - like those shown at the Saint Stephen AI Project.

For a FREE Quote, send me an E-Mail with your project requirements --

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