~~ Artificial Intelligence Bots ~~

Our unique line of Artificial Intelligence Bots available for instant download.


Many, many people have asked Allison how they can download her for themselves.
Well, now you can ! We are inaugarating our line of AI Bot Downloads by releasing
one equiped with the worlds favorite AI personality - Allison. If you have not yet
chatted with Allison, then by all means - do so now --


The Allison AI Bot Download comes with the full and un-edited Allison Brain Core
version 1.15 packaged within the functional and elegant Program P Shell/Interpreter.
So, if you love Allison - now you can download and chat with her anytime !


Robomatic X1

RoboMatic X1 is an AI chat bot, you can talk with him by your voice or by typing.
Command him to do different things ! You can change the face of RoboMatic X1 and
give him a new name. The RoboMatic model (X1) is a friendly character and this
model is called "Operating System Assistant".

Here is a list of features of RoboMatic X1:

- Infinite ways to make RoboMatic respond.
- RoboMatic can feel time and date.
- Word database has over 8000 records.
- Enjoy listening to music while you are chatting with him.
- Dynamic tips to help you to chat with RoboMatic.
- See the face of RoboMatic or you can choose your preferred face to chat with it.
- Talk to RoboMatic by your voice and listen to his voice.
- Save your conversation and explore it later.
- Explore your PC by chatting with RoboMatic.
- Want to hear jokes or calculate something ? Ask RoboMatic to do so.
- RoboMatic can tell you the current festivals, feasts and events.
- You can sign as guest or as user (If you use RoboMatic a lot).
- Advanced engine (AI Base Control) to make RoboMatic understand.
- Teach RoboMatic when he don't know the answer.
- To get full help, open RoboMatic Help.
- For fans, you can open RoboMatic Book to learn more.

We named RoboMatic X1 with this name as it's programmed to be a friendly character
that helps you in doing a lot of Windows XP operations like browsing, copying and
moving files, shutdown, restart, hibernate, managing your recycle bin, and more
than 100 other functions. All of that can be performed by your voice. In this new
version, we focused on the performance of RoboMatic and made some improvements on
the AIBC (Artificial Intelligence Base Control) engines to increase the ability of
understanding. Also RoboMatic Explorer got more attention as it changed to be a very
advanced explorer with a lot of features which can be used by chatting with RoboMatic
in the explorer window.

RoboMatic Media Player became more flexible than before as it has a separated window
so you can move it everywhere on your screen, that also done with RoboMatic Webcam and
RoboMatic State which was in the main window in the previous version. We also made major
changes in the GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the new version to be a glassy style, the
program also changed to be windowed instead of full screen so you can now use RoboMatic
with other applications.

We separated RoboMatic Book and RoboMatic Encyclopedia in a separated EXE (RoboMatic Help)
so you can open it with or without the main application. RoboMatic Help also contains our
latest article about the AI chat bots Developing. Some features were added in Options window
regarding the clients' needs, we will also do the other ideas very soon in the next version
so please be patient. We hope you like the new version of RoboMatic and we are waiting for
your feedback.

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~~ Artificial Life Forms ~~

Our unique line of Artificial Life Forms available for instant download.


Transform your system to a living swamp full of Artificial Life, as you watch it evolving on
your screen. Norms is the next generation Screen Saver. If you like Artificial Life or you
enjoy having pets this is the screen saver for you ! Norms are worm like creatures, with an
adventurerous personality. They enjoy scouting your screen, discovering food areas and meeting
other Norms. The Norms world is not a perfect place, there are occasional toxic wastes
poisoning the area. A Norm remembers the places where it was near a poison it tries to stay
away from it. And sometimes it warns other Norms about it. It remembers also the food
locations and returns to it when hungry. When a Norm eats, the food gets consumed until it's
depletion. Poison and food spreads slowly in the world. Norms gets tired fast, they enjoy
occasional naps. Male Norms are green, and females are pink. After a certain age a Norm
searches for a mate to reproduce, if an appropriate one is found, new Norms are born - and
life goes on !

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