An excellent selection of software for Machine Life and Artificial Intelligence experimentation.

Virtual Humans: A Build-It-Yourself Kit, Complete With Software and Step-By-Step Instructions

Complete With Software and Step-By-Step Instructions. Readers will learn how to:
create their own authentic and engaging personalities, apply the technology to
business and individual projects, add synthetic voices and realistic faces to
virtual humans and use psychology and humor in character design.

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George and Mary Standard Edition (GaM SE)

George and Mary Standard Edition (GaM SE) is an artificial psychology dialog software
utility, which enables you to create dialog and play it back in simulated ages. There
are many available models of personality, GaM uses a new dynamic model.

George and Mary Standard Edition (GaM SE), is for psychology oriented applications,
it includes compatibility with other personality models. All scale interpretations are
identified as either cognitive, motivational or a rotated mix. This results in a
rationale which makes more sense than the spread-sheet style listing of parallel scales,
which can be useful to an educator as a systematic approach to different personality

The two artificial personalities of George and Mary exchange motivational reinforcements
and sentences. The sentences are picked from repertoires according to the state of
motivation and the selected age. Sentences can activate graphics or multimedia files in
order to enhance the dialog. By definition, motivations vary with time or dynamic, while
cognition is about time-constant categories or static. Most present day Artificial
Intelligence products are cognition-oriented static. GaM is motivation-oriented dynamic,
Its personalities change state with time, hence described here as an Artificial Psychology

By design, George's repertoire of sentences externalizes the drives while Mary's
internalizes. The motivational dimensions or drives can be positive or negative, so that
there are 16 possible extreme categories or internal contexts. The patent pending aging
process is built on the drives. On the other hand, the topics are the external contexts
of sentences, and are linked to the aging process by the categories of the sentences.
Humor, aggression, food and pets are some of the possible titles of the topics. GaM SE is
made of a dialog player and easy to use editor tools. Latest additions: white papers on
Artificial Intelligence and Motivational Aging, more to come.

This kit comes complete with the software CD, a large and comprehensive User Manual, and
by special arrangement between The Turing Store and the author - Faisal Kadri, a hardbound
copy of his book "Animal Drives In Human Psychology" which explains the theory behind the
suite. GaM SE will run on a PC under MS-Windows 98/2000/XP, in text and graphics mode with
PII+ class processors, in multimedia mode with 2+GHz processor and 256+M RAM, no programming

Price: $95.00


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